From Max

I am excited to have been selected as the Greens candidate for Griffith. People have lost faith in a political system that puts the interests of a few big corporations ahead of the rest of us.

I passionately believe positive change is possible. We can ensure everyone has access to a good steady, job and is guaranteed a comfortable home.

We can roll back the Coalition and the ALP’s privatisation of our essential services, like electricity, and bring them back into public hands so they’re run for people, not profit.

We can have high quality, free education from childcare to university and TAFE. And we can afford to invest in the crucial public infrastructure we need like public transport, schools and hospitals.

We can achieve all of this if we just ask the super wealthy CEOs and wealthiest corporations to pay their fair share so we can all benefit from the wealth that all of us create.

If elected I’ll fight to represent you in Canberra and give voice to this sort of politics.

– Max


Max is the Federal Greens candidate for Griffith.

He lives in a share house in Highgate Hill with his partner and two friends. He was born in the Mater hospital in Brisbane and grew up in West End, Highgate Hill and Kangaroo Point.

Before being the candidate for Griffith he worked for the National Tertiary Education Union working with casual and contract research and admin workers to better organise and improve their rights.

Max was the campaign manager for Jonno Sri’s successful Gabba Ward campaign and Amy MacMahon’s recent South Brisbane election. He was the key driver and strategist in the most recent Queensland state election for the Greens, where they won their first ever representative in Maiwar and secured a record high vote.

He was the Editor-in-Chief of the University of Queensland’s student newspaper, Semper Floreat and completed a Bachelor of Arts at UQ with 1st Class Honours in History.

He went to West End State School and Brisbane State High and has lived on the southside his entire life.


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