Close the Camps and Bring Them Here

Mega doorknock to Close the Camps

Since 2013 Labor and the Liberal Party have spent nearly $14 billion on offshore processing, mandatory detention and other border policies. Seeking asylum is 100% legal, regardless of the mode of arrival, yet Labor and the Liberals have subjected thousands of desperate people, fleeing war and persecution, to unspeakable cruelty and torture, often using people seeking asylum as scapegoats for a broken economic and political system.


12 people have died since 2014. There are still over 100 children in detention. Some have attempted suicide. If we want Labor and the Liberals to change we need to stop voting for them and show we won’t stand for their inhumane policies of offshore processing and mandatory detention. There are still 1534 people on Manus and Nauru in indefinite detention and living in abhorrent conditions, despite committing no crime.

Take the pledge:
“I pledge to not vote for any party that supports mandatory detention or offshore processing.”

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