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Revive local manufacturing

Over the last thirty years, Australia has lost tens of thousands of jobs in manufacturing, as Labor and the Liberals have embraced a neoliberal model that puts multinationals’ profits first and allows crucial industries to move offshore. The COVID-19 crisis, and the havoc it wreaked on global supply chains, has proved that we should never have allowed our country to lose so much of its manufacturing capacity.

We can rebuild manufacturing and tackle climate change at the same time. Over the next decade, global demand for low-carbon steel, batteries, electric cars and other renewable technology will soar. The Greens believe we should seize the opportunity and turn Australia into a renewable energy and manufacturing superpower.

It’s madness that Australia doesn’t have thriving electric car, solar panel and wind turbine manufacturing industries, given we have the technical expertise, resources and capability. Rather than exporting raw iron ore, lithium and copper, we should be processing these minerals here and manufacturing batteries and steel right here in Australia. 

The Greens will:

  • Establish a $12 billion Manufacturing Australia Fund to kickstart a domestic manufacturing industry in electric cars, batteries, solar panels, wind turbines and green steel
  • Introduce a public pharmaceuticals company with the capacity to develop and manufacture mRNA vaccines in Australia

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