Greens announce candidate in Griffith

"I believe we can create a future where everyone gets the things they need for a good life: an affordable home, a steady well-paid job, and time to spend with family and friends" Continue reading

Second Runway at Brisbane Airport

We can replace a lot of air travel with publicly owned high speed rail and here’s why we should do that. One of the bigger issues coming up around Griffith is the second runway at Brisbane Airport, which will be complete in 2020. Continue reading

Close the Camps and Bring Them Here

Since 2013 Labor and the Liberal Party have spent nearly $14 billion on offshore processing, mandatory detention and other border policies. Seeking asylum is 100% legal, regardless of the mode of arrival, yet Labor and the Liberals have subjected thousands of desperate people, fleeing war and persecution, to unspeakable cruelty and torture, often using people seeking asylum as scapegoats for a broken economic and political system.   Continue reading

We need an Office!

I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm at the start of a campaign. I’ve had the privilege of managing Jonno’s Gabba Ward and Amy’s campaign for South Brisbane but I can honestly say our first Griffith doorknock broke every record. It was great to have Larissa Waters and Amy MacMahon along as part of our brilliant team. But believe it or not we need your help! Continue reading