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New Parkland on Birdwood Road

Would you support turning the vacant land on both sides of Birdwood Road into a new public park?

As our city grows we need to ensure that land is put aside for new public parkland, so every resident has the space to live a good life. Too often precious inner-city land is handed over to developers without sensible forward planning for public infrastructure, including public parks. And right now we have a good opportunity to claim back some land for the public.   

With broad public support, I think we could push Council to acquire the land as part of their overall Norman Creek catchment strategy, as the Creek runs through the vacant land. Brisbane City Council’s Norman Creek 2012–2031 Project aims to ‘return the Norman Creek catchment to a more natural state’, through the improvement of parkland and adjoining waterways. A budget of $5.25 million has been set aside for this. 

Norman Creek would be threatened by any substantial development on either site, and it’s important that we protect this crucial habitat for fish, birds, lizards, small mammals and other native wildlife. 

The land is large enough to accommodate wildlife as well as multiple uses, including children’s playgrounds, BBQ and picnic areas, dog parks, community gardens and sporting facilities like a basketball court. 

I'd love your feedback on this idea. You can go here to complete my quick survey and share your thoughts. 

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