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Save Tugulawa Park

The Barracks Development will create another 855 dwellings in Bulimba. Though residents understand the need to develop, they are outraged by the developers plan to build a 22 metre-wide access road through the middle of Tugulawa Park, effectively destroying it. This is despite the fact that there is an existing access road immediately to the West of the Park that could be used as an access point.

In 2017 Brisbane City Council conducted a sham consultation, where residents were assured that Tugulawa Park would not be touched. But without any real consultation, the Master Plan was then changed to run a four-lane road through the middle of the park.

Shayer Group’s development application and the Master Plan will turn Tugulawa Park into a giant road at a time when our city desperately needs more parkland. The proposal to replace Tugulawa Park with a thin strip of almost unusable green space is completely inadequate and misses the point. The massive increase in population on the Bulimba peninsula will require an increase in parkland, along with better traffic management and public transport.

Residents are also concerned that there are no plans to improve local Public Transport and infrastructure to accommodate the new dwellings. As the population of Brisbane increases, the local council needs to keep pace by providing convenient and reliable public transport. 

We continue to see the needs of residents being sidelined as the profits of developers rise. If this development application is successful it will set a terrible precedent for Brisbane where developers are able to acquire public parkland for roads, effectively privatising the public parkland.

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