We need an Office!

Greens' first doorknock Max for Griffith

I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm at the start of a campaign. I’ve had the privilege of managing Jonno’s Gabba Ward and Amy’s campaign for South Brisbane but I can honestly say our first Griffith doorknock broke every record. It was great to have Larissa Waters and Amy MacMahon along as part of our brilliant team. But believe it or not we need your help!

We just need one in five Labor voters to change their minds to win Griffith. We have the volunteers, we have a powerful and hopeful message and we have the skillful organisers - we just need a campaign office. And to get one we need to raise $10,000. Can you help? Even a small donation will help.

We’re being overwhelmed with the level of support from volunteers who want to help us win Griffith and keep Larissa. But if we want to become an unstoppable campaign machine we need a permanent space to organise out of. Can you help us keep building the movement?

The last few weeks in politics have been bleak. We saw the ALP reconfirm their commitment to the cruel and inhumane offshore processing regime and boat turnbacks, while the Coalition and the ALP voted together to support tax cuts for the super rich. All the while wealth inequality soars. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

We can create a future where everyone gets the things they need to live a good, comfortable life, including an affordable, comfortable home; universal free childcare, university and TAFE; a meaningful, secure, well paid job; and well a well funded, no strings attached social safety net when times are tough. We can tackle climate change with a jobs rich transition to publicly owned renewable energy. We just need big corporations to pay their fair share.

If we want to fight for this future we need to stand up to the ALP, the Coalition and their corporate donors who will do everything in their power to stop us. But well organised people power will always win against corruption and big money. Can you help us get the office we need to win Griffith and keep Larissa?

What was clear talking to voters over the weekend was people in Griffith are fed up with politics as usual and are ready to vote for the Greens. We just need to reach them! With your donation we can do that.